An energised, living system / by SUMI CREATIVE | CO

Sumi Creative Co was recently briefed to create a unique gift box for Avondale’s Flagship Navitas, an exclusive, limited Rhone Blend of organically grown cultivars.

The giftbox concept was inspired by Avondale’s rich history of contributing to mother nature via agriculture's ancient connection to the cosmos. Throughout the ages farmers have looked to the skies for guiding their endeavours on land. While this union has been seriously disrupted and damaged by modern farming methods over many decades, it has survived and been revived by some through practices such as biodynamic farming. Avondale makes use of the full spectrum of biodynamic preparations which deepen our connection to the unique energy of the farm and sustain a lively awareness of a special place in the cosmos.

By using a hexagonal box shape, the stars in luminanced foil, textured organic paper and the Armillary Sphere (Avondale’s Logo) we have created a gift box that represents Avondale’s holistic approach to life on their farm where, from the minerals in the soil to the stars in the skies all is combined in an energised, living system.”