Thelema Mountain Vineyards releases iconic new-look Rabelais 2014 in vivid, classic Packaging / by SUMI CREATIVE | CO

ARTWORK - Sumi Gous
The artwork is a vision of the utopian Abbey of Thélème, the giant Gargantua, the flowing of wine, books flying (free minds!) and a place where there are no rules. Instead of using typical twentieth-century imagery we have, like Rabelais, broken the rules and created a colourful, contemporary artwork, which we believe is more suited to rabelaisian ideals; a feeling of freedom, unlimited time, uniqueness and dreams.

The label design, in contrast to the artwork, is simple and classical with a strong focus on the gold-embossed "Rabelais" by calligrapher Andrew van der Merwe...a timeless label that acts as a conduit to the utopian world of Francois Rabelas at Thelema Mountain Vineyards.