The Wonderfully Weird World of the Breede River / by SUMI CREATIVE | CO

Breederiver Brewing Co Rawsonville, Western Cape, South Africa.

Not only is the Breede River Valley one of the most picturesque wine and fruit producing areas in the country, but it’s also a treasure trove of myths and age-old legends and tales. When Breederiver Brewing Co released its first four unique craft beers, they turned to graphic designer and artist, Sumi, to design labels that would reflect their shared passion for beauty and legacy. Boldly brewing beer in traditional wine country, Breederiver Brewing Co created eclectic names for their four beers. Beehive Blond, Bull Shark American Pale Ale, Thirsty Elephant Hybrid Pilsner and White Water Black IPA will not only intrigue even the most seasoned beer connoisseur, but it tantalises senses on so many levels.

The almost 340 kilometre long Breede River gently meanders its way through the valley which stretches from Montagu in the east, to Gouda in the west, to McGregor in the south, to the Karoo in the north. The river not only inspired the backdrop for each individually coloured label design but it also provided the inspiration for the different images depicted on each label. In typical style, Sumi’s playful creativity conjured up images of elephants drinking from waterholes in a bygone era, of bees busily buzzing on the banks of the river and of white waters offering rapids for adventurous river rafters.

All is not fantasy, though. The Breede River, rising in the mountains near Ceres and flowing into the Indian Ocean near Cape Agulhas (the southernmost tip of Africa), is also known for being a breeding ground for the bull shark, allegedly the most dangerous to humans of all sharks. Finding a ferocious shark five kilometres inland in a river, is the stuff that legends are made of. On the American Pale Ale label, a person riding a giant bull shark is depicted against a blue background. And this is where creative genius and an irresistible sense of humour combine to create a legend in a world of imagination where the weird and the wonderful meet.

Magic happens when the complementing energies of creativity and craftsmanship meet to give birth to a uniquely inspiring concept. Such was the case, yet again, when Sumi Creative Co and Breederiver Brewing Co joined forces.