When spirit evolves / by SUMI CREATIVE | CO

Black Mountain Karoo Dry Gin. Karoo, Southern Cape, South Africa

“Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine” – Rick Blaine in Casablanca

An unlikely relationship when a gin maker from the Karoo and a graphic designer cum artist walk into each other’s worlds. But what is the glue that not only binds together but multiplies creativity between two seemingly disparate entities?

Black Mountain Karoo Dry Gin, a joint venture between Grundheim Craft Distillery and The Brand Republic honours the land from which it sources the unique botanicals which gives its classic dry style gin a smooth finish and subtle aroma of liquorice, citrus, rose petals and fynbos. Made from a wine base specifically created for the production of the finest grape spirit, it is triple distilled and forged by wood fire in a traditional Cape Pot Still to create the refreshingly unique Black Mountain Karoo Dry Gin. A timeless process of distilling and patient sourcing of the perfect ingredients in a vast unforgiving yet rich and fertile land culminates in a spirit that sees its origins in the Middle Ages and made popular by none other than William of Orange, leader of the Dutch Republic. Long gone are the days when gin was produced for its medicinal value and sold in pharmacies to treat the common stomach complaints, gout and gallstones. In its place has come a highly cultivated boutique gin culture to which Black Mountain Karoo Dry Gin is a proud addition. Staying true to defining gin as originating from specific geographical areas, the Karoo is acknowledged as the birthplace of the botanicals used to create this noble product. The Karoo, a vast semi-desert region of South Africa, defined by relentless extremes of heat and frost, floods and droughts holds not only the unique botanicals that distinguishes Black Mountain Karoo Dry Gin from other gins, but it also hosts numerous fossils dating hundreds of million years ago.

And this is where we need to return to the classic movie, Casablanca, and the unlikely relationship between gin maker and graphic designer. In designing the label for Black Mountain Karoo Dry Gin, SUMI CREATIVE CO only needed to tap into her love for the diverse ecosystems of South Africa, her reverence for timeless history and deference for the people inhabiting this land to come up with a label signifying the unique and original identity of Black Mountain Karoo Dry Gin.

So, what is the glue that binds together and multiplies creativity between two seemingly disparate entities? Maybe it’s all about spirit. "The spirit of distilling" fusing with the spirit of creativity.