Over the years SUMI CREATIVE|CO has built up an impressive and multi-faceted portfolio reflecting the individuality of each client. Our aim is not to follow trends but to create timeless designs. 

Two components are extremely important in the process for us: 1) the design that is responsible for the visual delight and the dreaming part of creation that stimulates the visual senses 2) the production of the visual experience that gives pleasure to the senses of feeling when the hands feel and touch the final product.

SUMI CREATIVE|CO has build up exceptional experience in marrying these two important elements in the creative process.  Sometimes the production side is neglected and does not do justice to the design part.  

“The visual in everyday life is extremely important.  If asked, many people will respond that they react positively to an appealing visual stimulation, then comes the feel part, taking it from the shelf and feeling the bottle for example.  For any product the visual and feel is the first experiences of a product, thus well worth the effort and investment”


The three Imusses.